At H&T Industrial, we are extremely committed to developing strategies for sustainability, not only benefiting the environment, but also providing social and economic advantages.

Our environmental management focuses on controlling emissions and wastes from operations through treatment, disposal systems and recycling. The following examples demonstrate how industrial sustainability is incorporated within the H&T Industrial organisation:

The wash plant for washing the components we manufacture at Blackburn was nearly 40 years old and used a hydrocarbon solution that generated a large amount of CO2 emissions, but it also used thousands of litres of water a year in the process.

Our solution was to invest in brand new wash plant equipment , which was emissions free and also negated the usage of any water. The process also removed the need for the disposing of thousands of litres of the old hydrocarbon degreaser, as the new solvent-based de-greaser’s quality is maintained by additives.

The new wash plant has had a significant impact on the sustainability with CO2 emissions by 1,015 tonnes per year, as well as saving hundreds of thousands of litres of water every year, as the wash plant no longer needs water.

In addition to the above, we recycle all scrap metal produced from the manufacturing process, as well as 100% of other waste such as paper, cardboard, and plastic recycled. We also work hard every year to reduce the energy we use on site every year through energy saving initiatives, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and investment in the future.


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