H&T Industrial: Working against the odds during COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in the UK, H&T Industrial has been committed to working around the clock despite the risks and restrictions that have been implemented nationally.

As the sister company to H&T Presspart, HTI have worked hard to support the demand H&T Presspart has been faced with in response to coronavirus and the nature of the disease. Some of the demand is being driven by existing asthma and COPD sufferer’s now adhering to their medication schedules. There are also reports claiming MDI delivery systems are being used instead of nebulisers in hospitals to treat COVID-19. Our pMDI products supplied to our customers are helping the fight against the virus, and as such, the whole team in Blackburn are committed to helping in any way we can to help the world return to some form of normality and ultimately to help save lives.

Although H&T Industrial has not experienced the same demand, the team have pulled together in order to meet customer requirements during the crisis. HTI toolmakers and operatives have been trained to work in different pharmaceutical areas in order to support the division and as a result, no member of H&T Industrial has been furloughed which we are extremely proud of. In addition, our employees have also worked bank holidays and fulfilled overtime schedules with no additional remuneration but instead will take back the time in lieu later in the year which is highly commendable.

The PPB and HTI management would like to thank the whole site team for working together to ensure we continue to manufacture our critical, life-saving components for our customers in a time they are needed more crucially than ever.





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