Our Response to COVID-19

With the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic, H&T Industrial would like to reassure our customers and suppliers that it is business as usual as we continue to manufacture our deep-drawn components.

Our site management team is meeting daily to ensure continued production and mitigate any potential risks and we are taking all necessary measures to ensure the continued supply of our deep-drawn components to our customers.

H&T Industrial does not rely on any raw materials from any regions that have been severely affected by the outbreak and we are therefore confident that there will be no impact on security of supply or ability to meet lead times for our customers

The health and safety of our employees is still our number one priority. Our office employees are now working remotely from home and we have implemented many safety measures following government guidelines to keep our production lines going whilst ensuring our employees are safe and well. Our management will continue to review our safety measures on an ongoing basis.

Finally, H&T Industrial would like to thank its employees for their continued support, commitment and work ethic during this unsettling time in order to keep our plant running so we can meet our business demands. We would also like to thank the continued support and dedication of our suppliers and customers that ensure we can keep doing what we do as we get through this unsettling time together.


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