Plant Run OEE System Introduced

During the past 12 months, H&T Industrial has invested in state-of-the-art OEE software called PlantRun. Monitoring real-time production performance, PlantRun will furnish our Operations Teams with the data needed to improve efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.

Initially installed on strategically important presses, PlantRun gathers and reports critical parameters including scrap rate, production run rate, planned and unplanned stoppages (press downtime).

PlantRun eliminates data inaccuracies that can often result from manual collection and will identify real reasons behind bottlenecks and the true extend of machine downtime. Armed with accurate data, the Operations Team can improve machine efficiency and maximise output.

Crucially, PlantRun monitors individual presses, not manufacturing cells, which ensures problems on individual pieces of equipment are identified earlier and production can be monitored on a component by component basis.

Successfully commissioned on a number of key presses, PlantRun is now in the test and validation phase of the remainder. It is anticipated that PlantRun will be installed to all   presses by the Q4 19.

H&T Industrial’s Operations Manager, Stuart Pearce, commented “PlantRun has revolutionised how we monitor OEE. The system allows us to monitor production in individual presses, which means we can identify issues much quicker. Screens around the manufacturing site allow the team to monitor presses in real time and the management team can even monitor the presses via the PlantRun mobile phone app.”

The final part of the project will be the installation of PlantRun on our Hockh washplant.

Ashley Tizard, Managing Director of Tascomp, the developers of PlantRun, commented on the project “Presspart have been a pleasure to work with during the development and commissioning phases of the PlantRun installation. We are proud to be associated with a forwarding thinking company who can see the benefits of data led decision making in their continuous improvement processes”

The H&T Industrial team will continue to look at new ways that PlantRun can support the business, and is currently investigating expanding the implementation of PlantRun to include vibration and temperature analysis to aid predictive failure analysis and to improve the existing preventative maintenance programme.


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